He's finally been diagnosed with SPD

Mary - posted on 03/08/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son Liam has a complex medical history and he just turned 2. He had kidney reflux and a UPJ obstruction and needed 3 surgeries, and one of his kidneys is barely functioning. He has ataxia at times, which we think caused him to break his leg last year. Ataxia is when the child has trouble with balance and coordination and for him, he falls a lot or walks like a "drunken sailor". He has multiple food allergies (just reading on your forum now about gluten-free diets... DEFINITELY going to look into that). He gets migraines, esp. after blood sugar lows, the neuro says.

He gets speech and physical therapies and now OT for sensory issues. Today he was finally officially "diagnosed", I guess, with SPD. He gets overstimulated very easily and runs back and forth from room to room, and hits me a lot when he's in that out of control mode (not angrily, but excitedly). He gets overstimulated by background sounds and doesn't really listen when you're talking to him some of the time (normal toddler thing, I guess, but the OT thinks it's related). He has texture issues with food. He HATES having dirt or food on his hands and gets upset, saying, "dirty! clean! hands!"

His ENT is looking into PANDAS, have you ever heard of that? It's a strep syndrome thing (and he has big tonsils and adenoids) that causes OCD, ataxia, learning problems, sensory issues, etc. in small children. He gets a blood test tomorrow. But we're also cutting out gluten and seeing how that helps the ataxia and the overstimulation.

Anyway, that's our story. I'm glad to see such a supportive group and I hope to be part of it! :)

- Mary

Oh, I say "finally" because his PT and ST have been saying it for a while. We go through Early Intervention and they both called for an evaluation by an OT for sensory issues.


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Brandy - posted on 03/19/2012




Try giving him some heavy work. Like pushing a laundry basket that is filled with something across the floor. Sounds like he is sensory seeking. The over stimulation might be helped with noise cancelling head phones (like hunters wear), my son can hear perfectly fine with them on, but it helps tine down everything else.

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