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Hello, My name is Marcy and I have two wonderful kids, Sloan is 6 and Jude is 3. Sloan was diagnosed with SPD last summer and has since taken OT and we continue to brush/joint compression at home when needed. I am excited to have found this place and look forward to learning, venting, and even help if I can with all of you.



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Jennifer Miller - posted on 12/04/2008




Hi! Welcome! It is great to meet you! I am excited to. My son was diagnosed as well, he's 3 and my daughter is 5 (she's not been, but I know she has it). I was so tired of having to explain what SPD is and that he won't "grow out it". That's funny. Its so great to have people here who "know" how it is. Excellent to meet you, I'm sure will be blogging soon :)

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Hi Chelsea, sounds like Judah has a lot of the same challenges as my daughter Sloan. It is sooo good that you caught it early, Sloan wasn't diagnosed until this summer, we just thought she was very sensitive and tried to just deal with it, but a lot of the things she faced got into her head, like putting on clothes, she had learned that nothing was ever going to feel good, so even if it was comfortable she would talk herself out of it. Same with crowded places, she also learned that she just couldn't go to places like amusement parks, birthday parties, so she is slowly trying those things again now that things are getting easier for her with the brushing/compressions/ot. Isn't it strange that somedays are better than others? I have also discovered she is more likely to have bad days on those without a schedule or structure. I agree with you though, I was so happy to find this site, it helps to hear others and how they are dealing. Happy holidays.

Chelsea - posted on 11/26/2008




Hi my name is Chelsea and my 3 1/2 year old son Judah also has spd. We've tried the brushing and joint compressions also and it does so much for him especially before time to brush his teeth or before going into crowded places like the mall. Judah is big brother to Hannah Grace 22mths and Reuben 6mths. I'm new here too and i am so excited to have found this site.

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