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Angela - posted on 10/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello ladies

I am new to this site & group and wanted to introduce myself. Wondering if anyone near us -- we live in far Northwest Suburbs of Chicago (McHenry County area). We adopted our precious son Isaac when he was 10 months old, from S. Korea. He is now 3 yrs old and growing fast!

Like others have commented in their posts---I knew Isaac has had issues since we brought him home. My husband didn't really believe it at first or thought I was being an overly-sensitive-new mom. Our pediatrician kept saying he was a "very active, busy little boy who would grow out of it with maturity" when I talked about how hyper or sensitive Isaac seemed, how difficult he could be with dressing, feeding, holding him, getting him to play nicely, etc. Finally at his 3 yr old check up - the pediatrician listened to my concerns more seriously and gave me the referral to have him evaluated.

We went to an awesome O.T. who is the director of her center, referred by a friend at work whose son has SPD. Isaac was diagnosed about a month ago to have oral-motor issues, tactile issues, some auditory issues, extreme vestibular and propioception issues, and issues with being unable to control impulsivity. He has been going to OT weekly at the OT center, and his therapist also went to his daycare this week to do therapy but also to talk to teacher and director there to teach them strategies and learn from observing Isaac in his environment there.

Our daycare has a preschool cirriculum and Isaac has learned alot in the year he's been attending. They love him there, and want to keep him there, despite the challenges his issues present at times. They are motivated to help us, to learn more and try to help Isaac succeed. It has been a stressful past several months. I pray it keeps getting better as we learn more, Isaac receives more therapy and we move forward.

We have started a sensory diet - with chewable necklace for the oral issues and oral exercises to build muscle tone/sensitivity that is needed. We have a small trampoline, exercise resistance bands, squishy balls, large yoga ball, sit-on-bouncy balls, fidget toys, etc and work with him as we can every night after dinner and on weekends. We are trying to learn and do whatever we can to help him.

Would love to know more about what others are doing, support and friendship from other moms of SPD kids...whether you think video games (Leapster Explorer - reading and learning games) are helpful or a negative? (The one thing Isaac can sit and do for 30 minutes and sit still, and is actually learning to read 3 letter sight words...almost 4 letters).

Thanks - looking forward to interacting with you all more!
I work about 30-33 hours a week so I am online a few times per week.



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Chelsea - posted on 03/07/2012




Hello!! My 3 year old was just recently diagnosed with SPD also, and his favorite game to play is an iXL. its alot like a gameboy but made for younger children. He has learned alot from it so far, and is spelling so much better! Hope all is going well!

Tamara - posted on 10/31/2011




Nice to hear your story.
It seems you are doing all the right things so keep it up.

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