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My three year old son has a sensory processing disorder, he wants to hit his head and do things that hurt him. I have ask his OT ways to help control this and we have not found ways that help, can anyone, suggest ways that have help their child? I fear that he will hurt himself if I dont find a new way soon......


Armanda - posted on 07/24/2010




My son has also hit his head and purposefully thrown himself down on the floor. He loves jumping and crashing into things, especially my husband and I. These feelings of deep pressure feel good to him, and he is a big sensory seeker. I have found the following activities to be useful: Make a large pile of pillows and blankets on the floor, and let him throw himself into them. Invest in a ball pit, they have them at the toy store, and are not too expensive. We purchased an inflatable pool at the end of the summer, when they were super cheap and filled it up will balls. At least this way, he can jump and fling himself into something that won't hurt him. You could also try one of those inflatable clown guys- you know, the ones you punch and they rock back and forth. We also take him to the inflatable bounce places. If there is one in your area, maybe bring him for a couple of hours. He can jump and bash into the sides of them without getting hurt. I hope this helps.

Kim - posted on 07/23/2010




My son used to hit his head as well. We began to realize that he was actually trying to rub his hair and touch it. When he would hit his head... i would try to take his hand over mine and gently rub his hair nicely. I know my son doesnt feel pain the way most children do so his OT didnt think that he was doing it intentionally. Now he rubs his head and doesnt hit it. Hope this helps!


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