I have a son with Sensory Integration Disorder who is 2 1/2 he climbs out of crib now what???


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Niki - posted on 08/19/2009




I used the crib tent until about age three, then switched to a twin mattress on the floor with a baby gate at the bedroom door.

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We had to put our daughter into a twin bed when she was 1 1/2 years old because she kept falling trying to climb out of her crib. She adjusted very well and never fell out of the bed...she will be 8 this month.

Fern - posted on 08/09/2009




They make a tent that you can purchase and put over the top of the crib to keep him in it. If that isn't an option or you don't think it will work, then check into your insurance and see what they might offer in terms of getting a bed that is recommended for this disorder.

Christina - posted on 08/09/2009




If you don't mind me asking what insurence do you have? Im just asking because my daughter has TBI and Sensory disorder or symptoms that are just like sensory disorder and we had to get a special bed for her. It is very expensive but she has medicaide and they paid for it. Its a thought if he isn't tolerating his crib and won't be safe in a todler bed or twin bed

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