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Hi my name is Cherish I have 4 children Talyah(8),Isaiah(6)Nehemiah(2) and Nevaeh(7weeks)

Isaiah has been diagnosed with SPD he also has a speech delay, he was diagnosed when he was 4 yrs old he was receiving speech therapy and OT he has the McCay Scholarship so he is in a school that is supposed to help him. Since sometime last year he has not had the speech therapy or OT because of his insurance so things are starting to get rough,for the past month in school we have been called almost everyday to come talk to him because of things he is doing like not sitting still,ripping his work up and not listening the teachers, today when he came home from school the bus driver came out to tell me he punshed another boy in his class in the nose and made him bleed in aftercare(Isaiah is not that type) so I called and talked to the aftercare person and he said he doesn't know what started him and the boy fighting but they are both in the wrong so I will find out tomorrow when I go in to see what happens. The aftercare guy also told me he noticed a change in Isaiah and said he can see he is frustrated because he can not talk well enough to get his point across so he is starting to isolate himself and when he goes to play with the other children he walks with his fists balled up. I don't know what else to do I am still trying to find a ST and a OT but it is hard because no one wants to accept his insurance he is on Medicade so I'm going to have to change his plan. I feel so bad for my son because I feel like I can't help him the right way and he is such a sweet boy he is gentle and loving and he loves to cuddle. But in school he is completely different I have told the teachers when he needs alone time put him somewhere quiet without the other kids around him(their school is small) so he can calm down she said she did it one time and as soon as he walked back to class hr flipped out again I have told her to leave him be in that room cause that's how he calms down and they don't want to listen to me they blame him for everything he does like if him and a classmate start fussing or anything like that I am so tired of it I have talked to the principal and teacher several times and it's like they look at me like I'm a fool and what I'm saying is crap. I think I'm going to find another school for him this one does not seem to know about his condition. Any advise would be appreciated thank you.


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Hi Cherish. It sounds like you have a handle on the situation and are trying hard to advocate for your sweet boy.

Does he have an IEP? If so, and it's a public school, they have to provide services at cost to the district. If it's not a public school, I believe the local public school district is still required to provide services outside of class. If he doesn't, you may consider having them test him to see if he qualifies. If he doesn't qualify, there is a thing called a 504 plan. You can request review for that as well. It is a step between no support and and IEP. I was actually pursuing one for my daughter who started kindergarten this year. (She has mild sensory and sound processing issues.) A 504 Plan outlines adaptations for him such as a separate space for a "break", sensory fidgets, and special seating. It allows for his needed supports.

You can also discuss the issues with the school counselor. If things don't improve, I would follow up on your idea of moving him to another school. Best of luck!

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