I need to help my 6yr control her body.

Emily - posted on 04/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




She was diagnosed at age 3. We have gone through play therapy and OT and PT. She has been good. She used to have a nuk (mostly at down times and at night) then at age 6 she decided she did not want that. She took to her thumb. She has always did a hand holding, pinching, squezzing to her self or to someone else. When she switched to her thumb she started do it in school. Her teacher has been keeping an eye out for her and giving me daily feed back. We got her to stop sucking her thumb but now she is getting edgy. She scratches her self raw and bleeding. She jumps around and is very twitchy. She gets mad at classmates who don't follow what she wants to do and that makes her twictchy stuff more active. If I try and stop her she gets real angry even when I try and talk to her calmly. I just don't know what to do? Should I call her doctor, or her OT or PT. She has been our of therapy for about a year.


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Sylvia - posted on 06/04/2010




I have been dealing with my sons sensory issues for 4 years. I would encourage you to return to OT 1-2x per week. Follow the sensory diet they give you and you will see progress happe pretty quickly. My son is a new little person since he has been in OT the last 3 years. we also have things we do at home like swinging. body sox, special cd, heavy muscle work and brushing. spd kids can be very difficult to calm as they have little regulation in their system. hope this helps.

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I'm sure her OT should have some suggestions on ways of calming her, or techniques to use throughout the day. Because if the problem is interfering at school than you probably want to address it even though she has been of therapy for awhile.

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