just looking for ideas..anyone have some?

April - posted on 01/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my seven year old has a very slight learning disability, he is in physical therapy, speech and OT. He has a suppressed immune system, he needs glasses and his right ear drum has been injured a bit from so many ear infections that he's had in the past. He cant eat all that well by mouth so we have him on tube feedings. He has had a heart transplant and ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT! he has ADHD and ODD..
I had a baby girl and she's not so much baby girl anymore but almost two. they just dont get along all that well. I'm looking into a family therapist because my son cant communicate his feelings all that well so we are (over statement) at war half the time. they get along like cats and dogs. He is hitting her and she is clawing at him every time she doesn't want him around. Im afraid she'll turn into a bully towards other kids. He's just not getting it that she is littler than him and I'm always running to her whenever I turn my back because she's crying. He looks at me and expects that its not his fault. He get's angry and growls and moans because she is crying and he thinks that he doesn't deserve a time out or get told right from wrong. I don't know what to do. Some of you say that your kids have problems getting dressed, mine does too, also with tying his shoes, eating with a fork and spoon, liking certain foods that are healthy for him. The list of that stuff goes on to.

Any inspirational words or ideas? I'm not here saying that I've given up Im just saying that parents are the best advocates for their children and that if we dont fight for them then who will. Even when it comes to doctors parents always know best and doctors can come in second, because we're the one that says yay or nay. We know our children better than anyone else. we carried them for nine months and our blood runs through their veins. I'm just running out of ideas or to help him. the doctors aren't coughing up the right reasons or just running out of ideas like I am. I'm getting frustrated and worried and stressed but I try not to show it. He is a really good reader, social butterfly, smiliest little boy and very empathetic towards others. Any ideas ladies?


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This is a really tough one.  I think knowing what to do would depend on the WHY of his behavior.  Is he doing it to get your attention, is she making some noise that he seriously cannot bear?  Can you chart the incidences & see some kind of pattern. ..like it's just before bedtime or lunchtime, so he's doing this when he's really sleepy or really hungry?  Is he on a sensory diet?  I'm recommending the book The Sensory Connection by Janet Mora & Nancy Kashman.  I have found that I have to find the resources, read them & make sure my professionals "get it".  Do you have a behaviorist  from school or case worker?  Sometimes I have to call everyone, ask for their advice & if they know anyone who can help. Surely, there is such a thing as an ODD expert who might have some good insight.  Wow.  A really tough one!  God bless you!!

Jennifer Miller - posted on 01/30/2009




Hang in there! I feel for you!!!! My son would bite and couldn't be around his sister either. The OT and ST have helped quite a bit. Sydney was there for the therapies and I think that helped to bond them. His therapist recommended a word book (3 ring binder with square pictures of foods, drinks, activities with velcro backs on the pages) and that has really helped his communication. What he wants, doesn't want. She had us doing sign language and Sydney does it too. I don't know if you have tried those before but for us, it saved us from the brink of insanity!

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find someone who specializes in play therapy. my 10 year old's OT used to do this with him when he was 7 years old. nick was diagnosed with SPD at 2 years old. he started OT then. His behavior would improve and then get worse and cycle again. at 10 he's so much better.

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