My six year old with spd is violent to his baby sister, HELP! nothing works.

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My son has MR and many other diagnosis. He randomly hurts our baby girl who is typical. He lashes out at her with his finger nails leaving red bloody scratches all over her face. I try to keep them seperate but I am the only one in the house most of the time. I have used time out, spanking his bottom, doing it back (although not hard enough to leave marks) I even tried rationalizing with him. I thought he wasn't getting enough attention so I made a point to give him more, that made it worse. I also tried giving him less attention, also made it worse. I have put him in his room for a "break" and done the naught spot technique from super nanny, but i have run out of idea's and he has to stop!

People tell me it is jelousy but he does randomly. I have tried to pin point what situations make him do it but... he does it in the car, in the bath, when I am playing with him, playing with her and sometimes when she is napping in another room while I am playing with him, he will sneak into her room to do it. He will somtimes tell her to cry. I don't know if he is seeking out the sound of her crying... but what can I do about that?


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have you tried to take things he likes away as a consequence? When he finds he has no toys to play with maybe he will think twice about hurting her. I would also suggest getting him to see someone that deals with these things and might have some ideas for you.

I am sorry you are having to go thru this, but do everything you can to protect your baby.

Katie - posted on 08/20/2012




Talk to your son's pediatrician about this. They might be able to recommend some techniques for handling this or refer you to someone who can help. My daughter used to scratch herself up constantly but since seeing an occupational therapist she has slowed down (compared to what she was doing). Hope this helps. Good luck!

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