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My daughter who just turned 5 strips down to nothing as soon as walk in the house. She would be naked all day if I didn't say anything. She is a sensory seeker, so i wonder if this is somethign related to enjoying all the different feelings directly on her skin instead of through her clothes. I would love to hear any suggestions on keeping clothes on, it is usually a battle to make her wear underwear. Although, the less clothes she has on, the less potty accidents we have.


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Karen - posted on 10/07/2009




I understand your frustrations, I have 3 yo twins, one who has a sensory disorder and is a sensory seeker, she has always taken her clothes off. The best advice I can give you is large, loss, lightweight clothes. My daughter wears underware that are three sizes to big but she will wear them. I also discovered boys soccer shorts (the satin feeling ones) they do not seem to bother her. Most of the time at home she does go naked, because you understand the reason and its not a behavior issue but a sensory one. We have made huge strides with her and the clothing is one that she is not willing to really give up on.

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My daughter has been diagnosed as over responsive and sensory seeker. She is almost 8 and has never left her clothes on. As soon as she is home she strips down to her underwear ( she would take those off too if I let her). With my daughter she can't stand anything touching her...all of her clothes drive her nuts. She will throw her socks, shoes and clothes accross the room screaming that they are bothering her.

Fern - posted on 08/09/2009




My son isn't big enough or old enough to completely undress or to tell me that's what he wants, but he hates shoes and sock and will streek through the house every chance he gets. In fact, I think this is playing a big role in him wanting to potty train because he gets to run around with less clothing! I say let them run around naked or half naked at home as long as you don't have company, but make it clear its only for home so you don't have trouble with them stripping in public.

Kim - posted on 07/30/2009




My 6 yr old daughter has ASD and is happiest naked. I can re dres her up to 6 times a day if i have a good day. Other days i just give up, luckily she only does it at home and usually i just let her....though i find that a skirt is kept onlonger the pants......this would of course only work with girls...

Sandy - posted on 06/21/2009




I have 5 years old twins with ASD and sensory issues. They both strip when they are at home, one to his underwear and the other his pull up. They know they can't leave the house or go outside until they are dressed. Unless we have company over, i just let them.

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