Need IEP help for 4 year old in Headstart

Tashia - posted on 05/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm new to all of this so bear with me. My son is now 4 I've been telling his dr since he was 2 that something was different with him. She referred him to First Steps program but since he was almost 3 (the cutoff age) they couldnt help. He started headstart in August & his teacher also sensed it. He was having a lot of problems at school so his dr referred him to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Behavioral Unit He didnt get an appointment until March they have a long waiting list. The dr at CCH said he was developmentally delayed & ADHD but they didnt know the cause & referred him for a neuropsychological evaluation, OT, ST, behavioral counseling, genetic testing & Fragile X test. Last week he was diagnosed with SPD. We began trying to get an IEP in place back in September due to developmental delays, I found out today that I could've requested it & they would've had to evaluated him within 60 days:( But the teacher who has been really great with my son said we had to go through so many tiers of trying different ways to improve his behavior before they would evaluate him for an IEP (I dont know if she was misinformed) so we did that & last week she said those didnt help so I'll need to sign some forms & the school board will do their own evaluations & if they feel its needed they'll have a meeting with me to discuss the IEP. Sorry for the long post i guess i have a few questions 1.does anyone else have an iep for their child in headstart & whats included in it 2. after they do their evaluations what happens
3. with school going out for summer this week will they wait until August to do evaluations?


Ashley - posted on 05/08/2012




I didn't do head start - but in our state the preschools have to do testing if you request it. I would think you should be able to get testing done without a school board evaluation. That sounds kind of ridiculous to me. My mom was the special ed director in her district for 15 years and she told me all you have to do is notify in writing you want it done and they have to do it within 60 days. What state are you in?
2. I don't know about in head start, but in our preschool they did tons of testing for about 2 weeks and then we had a meeting to go over it all. He doesn't have to be put in sped if you don't want to. But then he won't get services.

3. Yes they probably will. =(

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