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Mika - posted on 01/01/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son (4) started a new school this year. His class is in a hot basement and he is one of the youngest .
Only since starting this school he started showing aggressive behavior in school and a home but only towards grown ups, never kids.
I think something does trigger this behavior, I believe the teachers are young and inexperienced and something happened in school to trigger this but now they are labeling him trying to convince me he has issues, issues caused by them probably. It's me against them, they are against me.

I do admit that my son has difficulties with transitions and the hitting is definitely a problem but I don't know if it's SPD or just frustration or something else.

An example was tonight, he was tired, I asked him to clean up his train toy, first he started throwing pieces at me, then smiling he started spitting and tried to hit me. He knew he was doing something wrong so he lied on the floor and pretended to sleep. I asked him again to clean up but he refused again.
What happens in school is that the class is hot, in a basement with 20 loud kids, at times the teachers tell me he tries to get out of the class and when they try to physically stop him he hits them.
We had an OT evaluation but was mostly based on what teachers had to say and not on observation so I don't really trust it. The evaluation showed only negative things .... but things like: he wipes his hands after he eats (so what???), he doesn't like ice cream (again, so what??? He drinks ice water or room temperature water ... he simply doesn't like ice cream), he doesn't particularly enjoy climbing (I am sure that if he enjoyed climbing too much that would have come up as an issue too) I really can't let these people label my son for silly reasons like those, my sanity doesn't let me do that.

Anybody else thinks that this SPD sometimes is just too much? Kids are kids and are allowed to have likes, dislikes and bad moods just like adults :( I am so sad.

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