new to this party! some tips?

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My 5 year old either has this or sensory integration, I don't know the difference. We are about to start OT, I hope it helps. It's a nightmare to get her dressed, I've tried sticker charts, bribing with candy, taking things away, carrying her out in her underwear, screaming (not my best moment), nothing helps her. I know she is frustrated to, I hate seeing her this way. I know you all know what I mean.

what do you do to get your kids dressed?


Kally - posted on 08/20/2014




My 4-year-old son has responded very well to a timer. We set up a timer that shows that he has 5 minutes to do something. We told him that if he didn't beat the timer, then he would get a time out, or we would take a toy away that he really liked that day. The first couple times are very important to follow through on the discipline. Even if there is crying or a fit. Otherwise the timer won't work in the future.

We started out giving him ample time to get used to the timer. Then we lessened it as time went by. 2 minutes for sandals. 5 minutes for getting dressed in the morning. When I have asked him to do something three times, I just say "Okay, I'm setting the time. You have 3 minutes to wash your hands." He always beats it. On Saturdays when there isn't a schedule, I tell him he can take as much time as he wants. And then I just go relax and drink my coffee and read. (He usually takes 20 minutes to finally get everything on.)

Good luck! I know getting dressed and out the door is a huge hassle for us as well.

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