Obsession with water-HELP!

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My son, who is almost 3 and a half is obsessed with water. He would play in it, soak in it, shower in it, wash his hand in it, etc. all day if I let him. I guess its soothing to him or is meeting a need like making some of the other uncomfortable feelings go away when he's in the water. He has sensory processing issues. His issues are mild to moderate so far. We have been working on his speech for 18 months and his sensory issues more informally for about a year. Brushing has helped, but it does nothing to over-ride his need to be touching water 24/7. And similar stories or any suggestions would be so appreciated. I am at my whits end with the water problem. He gets it everywhere and I spend half my day cleaning it up. It doesn't help that our bathrooms all have wooden floors, so it has to be mopped up immediately so it doesn't seep into the floor.


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Hi. My son loves to play in the water, but he is not obsessed. I have a few suggestions, not sure if they will work though. Have you tried using a water table? That way he could play in the water outside, and the mess wouldn't be so bad. Or an aqua doodle?- that mat where you can draw on it with water, and when it dries up you can start a new picture. Maybe even some gardening- watering the flowers or plants. Sometimes I fill a squirt bottle with water and let my son go to town "washing" things outside. Does he like the sound of the water? Maybe a tape of ocean waves or one of those little fountains. Maybe try making some homemade water globes, that way he could shake up the water and watch it splash around, without spilling anything. Has the occupational therapist given you any suggestions? I hope some of this is helpful to you. Best of luck!


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My 5yr daughter is obsessed w/ water to. She wont leave it alone! My water bill is through the roof!. I need her to stop because I am single mom on a strict budget. I can barely mail out Xmas gifts to my nieces and nephews this year because of her water obsession!

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I was just now doing research and this is the only thing that I could find. My son is 8 now, and he always want's to be in the water, he does not care about anything else. Just, water.

He even throws fits for water play, swimming, sprinkler, bath- tub, just whatever as long as it is water, I'm not sure if this is a problem or just a stage he is going through, However he has always been like this, As it turns out when he was 3 he had no fear of water, until he almost drowned at a local swimming pool. He is now at least cautious about water.

However what can I do for him? I don't want him to just always play in the water. One summer day he got sun burned even after applying sun screen over and over, but he just screamed for water, such as the pool or a sprinkler. My son is not like normal children, he has a disorder, but not Autism. It's "catch 22." I know I should be great full, which I'm but I'm worried about how obsessed he has become over the water. In side play has become boring to him, so he seems to be loosing interest in some of his favorite activities like his trains and other favorite toys. Anyone have any suggestions?

Peggy - posted on 05/25/2010




i wish i could help dear, but for my son it was the complete oppisite. you couldnt get zac in the tub to save your life. he has gotten better about it but is still not the fondest of it. he does what he has to and gets out right away. but i hope somone can help u with some suggestions. and since you bring up he has spd and speech do you have him enrolled in headstart? if so try talking to the teacher maybe she can work with him at school with it. my youngest is also afriad of the water so at school in the water table she has been trying to have him bathe a baby doll to get him used to the idea, we had to do the same with my oldest. if he isnt in headstart id suggest looking up your local chapter and getting him in. its a win win situation with headstart :)

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