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My son has been diagnosed with apraxia of speech with low oral muscle tone and a fine motor delay due to low muscle tone in his trunk (although that is much better with therapy). The more I read about Sensory Processing Disorder, I am convinced that he has it. His other brother, who is now 21, was diagnosed with a speech delay (apaxia) with the same low oral muscle tone and ADHD. But the more I learn, the more I think both boys have Sensory Processing Disorders and that their speech difficulties and other difficulties are all related to sensory issues. What is the best way to get a diagnosis. Should I implore the Early Intervention program he is in until Sept to test him or should I take him to his pediatrician. I don't have a lot of money to have lots of private testing done. We have ins, but its limited and I can't afford to pay out of pocket. He starts a preschool program for speech in Sept, and I guess I could push the school to do further testing, but I have already had go 'rounds with them already and fear they would fight me. Any suggestions, ideas would be most appreciated!


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Michele - posted on 10/20/2009




Only an Occupational Therapist can diagnose SPD. Not a pediatrition or other therapist. I learned this the hard way after seeing lots of other therapists. I finally found a OT at our Children's Hospital Rehabilitation clinic. Your Early Intervention SHOULD be able to tell you where you can find an OT that will test your child. If you have medicaid it should be covered! My child has always had medicaid, luckily.

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I had to force the issue with my pediatrician to get referred to an Occupational Therapist. That's when I got my SPD diagnosis for my son. I tried to tell my pediatrician for 2 years that something wasn't right, and kept getting dismissed. Make sure to be an advocate for your son b/c you can't get the right treatment without the right diagnosis.

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First, I would discuss your concerns with your childs pediatrician and make mention that you would like to have our son tested for SPD. Yes, please also talk with the early intervention that your son is in.They may have therapies that may help and also may help with schooling as well. Every little bit of help you can get your son(s) is worth it. Even if they say that he doesn't appear to be SPD, they may continue with therapies and such. They did with my son. However, SPD is not as a well known medical diagnosis for most therapies and usually most therapists are not trained in identifying SPD as of yet as.(All of this from both of my son's trained in SPD occupational therapsts) You will need to seek out therapists who have knowledge and/or training in autism/spectrum disorders/spd. A mother's instict is the best and we tend to know our children and when "something isn't right". Do not give up until you are satisfied with your situation. It took 6 years before my son was officially diagnosed with SPD. His therapist knows him fairly well now and stated that he may have some ADHD as well....(I had thought that years ago when he was 3.) Thanks to me not giving up and lots of talking to therapists/teachers and his peiatrician we now have him on the right track and getting him the help he needs. He will be working with therapists not only at school but outside of school as well. Don't give up. :)

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