Son's obessions and I am despirate

Sandra - posted on 02/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 3 and has very sensitive hearing.has some delayed speech. We are starting speech on Monday. I am just now able to get his doctors to listen to me that something is not clicking right with him. They finally confirmed that he does have auditory processing disorder. However I think there is more to it then just that. He has this intense obsession with water. He loves playing in the sinks, he spends hours each day just playing in the sink filled with water. He loves the shower, tub, hose, dog dish, anything with water. When a drink spills he can not control himself he has to smack his hands down on it or lick it. I can grab his hands and hold them out of the liquid but his hands are still doing the smacking motion or he is trying to shove his face into it. Same thing applies to puddles. His other intense obsession is chasing the cats. Again I can pick him up or restrain him and his feet keep moving like his is running and he is laughing and smiling. It is like these 2 things just over take his brain and he gets tunnel vision.

So I guess to sum it up is he is obsessed with water, and loses control when there is a pool of liquid or cats. Does anyone else have similar problems? Could it be just sensory processing or could it be something more? I am trying to get answers but his doctors just will not listen to me.


Ashley - posted on 02/27/2012




Sounds similar to sensory processing - but kids on the autism spectrum often have sensory processing disorder too. It's so hard to know at this age - ask to see a behavioral specialist - they should refer you to someone who can give you more info.

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