Son Very loud And he Have loud sound Outbust

Lisa - posted on 12/18/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son have SPD/ADHD

This is a dialy thing I am use to it but my husband dislike it and tells It tell him to stop But my son will stop but he still does it I am not sure if he can stop doing all together, its hard I try to understand all this is this common in SPD Children

Any input with be great


Leslie - posted on 12/21/2010




Wow. Are you familiar with Tourette's Syndrome? My daughter has TS, OCD, ADHD, SPD and anxiety disorder. What you are describing sounds very much like a vocal tic...It doesn't necessarily mean that your child has Tourette's, but it occurs commonly with these other disorders. If your child takes a stimulant medication for ADHD, it will make the tics worse. If someone tries to discipline a child who is having a tic, they will experience more anxiety and tic even more. I highly recommend going to a pediatric neurologist or neuropsychologist as soon as possible. You need a more complete diagnosis in order to best know how to help your child.

Shelley - posted on 12/21/2010




My son is like this it used to be pretty cute when he was smaller but as he is a big 3½ yr old its not so cute when people give you that stare because they think he is being bad not that he can not help it. We really noticed it at a christmas concert we went to last week at my older sons school. His teachers have told me in time it will get better as he gains more understanding of things. My dh was a bit frazzled that night as well & was using the wrong method which unfortunetly can escalate things so I sent him to sit on the other side of the gym.

Ashley - posted on 12/18/2010




Lots of times kids with SPD can't tell how loud they sound. Or how hard they are pushing... etc. If you explain it to your husband that he doesn't know how loud he is, then maybe your husband can be more patient. At the same time you can work with your son on using his indoor voice more. It might take some work - and you telling him what is too loud and what isn't.


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