suggestions for an easier way to clip my son's toenails?

Amy - posted on 03/19/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi I am new to this community, and to Circle of Moms and my son was just diagnosed with SPD in October. Before that I had never heard of SPD. I have done a lot of reading since then and I'm starting to understand my son a little more. Nivek also is mentally retarded, mildly autistic and has severe speech problems.
he has many sensory issues, tactile, vestibular to name a couple. He hates being upside down and getting his hands dirty, and absolutely detests his feet being touched. I don't mean like me who is ticklish, but Nivek actually seems to be in physical pain when I try to hold his feet to clip his toe nails. It breaks my heart, I try to do it as fast as possibe, and as gently as possible, my husband will lose his patience with his and doesn't yet understand what all is happening with his son.
So does anyone have any hints or tricks that I can use to make the experience easier for him and I?


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Sylvia - posted on 07/02/2010




I would suggest seeing an OT and start brushing him. This can be a huge challange. Keep him occupied with a special treat reserved only for this task. Let me pick a toe or finger. If all else fails do it while he is sleeping. Remember the more stressed you are the more stressed he will be. Children with SPD are accuately tuned into their parents and feel what we feel pretty quickly. Hope this helps!

Heather - posted on 06/17/2010




My daughter is 2 years old with SPD, very tactile, and vestibular also, I usually just do one nail a day at bath and that makes it go much smoother! I tell her what I am doing and we always use the "try it once" approach, so once a day a clip one nail (the longest one) sometimes I get in a few before she realizes I'm still going.

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Try singing while you do it, or counting his fingers. That works with my daughter, although some days are better than others.

Sandra - posted on 04/22/2010




my daughter would hate to have her nails cut from day one. even when she was sleeping she would wake up. she has been cutting her ownnails since she wa three. she is 9 now. i know it is harder in your cause. did try soft music to relax him?

Ginny - posted on 04/16/2010




Oh, Amy, I so understand! Zack also hates having his head inverted and doesn't like anything on his hands. He's also jumpy about getting his toenails clipped. It sounds silly, but what works for us is to have Zack kind of straddle my husband with Zack's legs sticking out from under my husband's arms. My husband will talk with Zack or tell him jokes or they will sing together, just so Zack doesn't feel like he's being restrained. Then I can go to work on his toes and since Zack can't see the clippers, he's calmer about it. He has really thin nails, so I've found that I can use baby clippers on him and it goes very quickly. Even with all of this, sometimes we can only do one foot at a time! Good luck!

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