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I have 3 sons, Chivon 15, Javier 8, Zane 3. All various ages, so many experiences. Share stories ask questions and share stories. I\'ve been told by moms that have both boys and girst that there is a difference in bringing up boys and girls. Let me know how it\'s going for you, even moms who have both boy and girl.


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Cody - posted on 01/28/2009




I have three boys as well, and it is very different. I am the only woman in my house and sometimes it take a few minutes to back away and treat myself like a lady. I'm not that hard to please, but with three boys a bubble bath is impossible. This could be the fact they are 6 and under but still they are a needy bunch, but respectful and loving creatures. I love having boy, I was never queit the girly type any way. I just into Monster trucks with my middle son, we've been having a blast watching it all on Utube. I guess what I am trying to say is yes, boys will be boys. No matter how hard you try to soften them up, they always want that impact. I love em to death, they are the most fun I have had in my life.

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