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Hi SC Circle of Moms!! My name is Jen and I am a Kansas Circle of Moms member. I have two kids - Mandy in 3rd grade and Zach in 1st grade. Zach's teacher just gave us a project that I was hoping maybe one of you could help me with. I promise that it isn't anything big or time consuming.

So, here is the project: The kids are getting ready to study the United States. They are going to put a huge US map on the classroom wall and then ask all their friends and family who live (or visit) other places in the next couple of weeks to send in "picture postcards" of the area where they live. What they are going to do, is mark the area that the postcard came from on the huge map, and then hang the pictures on the wall (so the picture side of the postcard should show something from the area).

The only thing tha you have to write on the postcard is the students name (Zachary Dulny) and one or two sentences about whatever the picture is showing. The teachers said, "This provides students the opportunity to learn about the weather, geography, or important sites in the region." To be honest, it actually does sound like fun, and I can imagine how excited the kids would get each time another postcard came in from THEIR people.

Needless to say, we don't have a great deal of friends OR family from anywhere outside the Kansas/Missouri area. So, my initial thought when we got this request was, WHAT??? But then I thought, "Just take a chance and look on Facebook for some ideas" I was a bit wary doing that, but I thought Circle of Moms was probably safe since we are all moms. (The worst thing that can happen is that all the moms I ask are too busy they are too busy and say no.) So, I was hoping that maybe you could help me out and it wouldn't be too much of any inconvenience. All I need is just one. And, you wouldn't have to put your full name on it, if you are concerned about privacy, you could just put, "From, Kathy H" or something like that. I know it is a weird request, but where else is a Kansas mom going to find folks in all the states that are NOT in the middle of the country? LOL.

I've got your back, though, and if you need anything similar, I would definitely be willing to do the same for you.

All the postcards need to be sent directly to the school - not to our house. Just be sure to put Zach's name somewhere in the body of the "letter". The address is:

Mrs. Riesberg's First Grade Class

Mill Creek Elementary

13951 W 79th St.

Lenexa, KS 66215

The project Time Frame is 3/12 to 4/30. So, it isn't a huge rush, but if you are like me, sometimes it is better to get it over with.

If you none of you can do this, I understand. Just let me know if you think you can so I can mark another state off our calendar. If you DO get a chance to do it, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS in advance.

I think you can just message back to me and let me know what you think. :-)



Heather - posted on 04/13/2009




I will be glad to look around and see if I can find a postcard of my community and send it in.


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