Moms of  Children with special needs

As founder of Family Network TV I wanted to reach out to moms around the world giving them a place to chat about issues related to the special needs community. Visit us at



happy happy joy joy, my son surprised, I haven't seen him poo on the floor for a few days now. I am happy, no potty training nightmare.


my little angel

i am a mother of a son who has down syndrome and kleinfelters syndrome,and was wondering if there are any other parents out there.


Special Moms

Hello everyone, I'm not sure if I've introduced myself properly. I am a grandmother of a precious little boy that has cerebral palsy. In an effort to get much needed...


mild mental retardation

This means my son is delayed in every area of development, what I find the hardest to deal with is doing school work at home. I find myself expecting too much of him, he does...


Got a Minute?

Hello my friends, I attended an expo this past weekend and one of the vendors needs the input of moms raising children with special needs. Please follow this link and offer...


Support and Coping

I am having a hard time with my son. I thought I was ok because he didn't seem to have a very severe disability. I am finding out that it doesn't need to be severe to be...


vision problems

Hi, I am a mom who has a 3 1/2 year old with vision problems, as well as developmental delays. He has a condition called uveal colobomas, which means that his pupils in his...