Moms of spouses with PTSD

The day to day struggles of life with a spouse struggling with PTSD.


PTSD and Combat Dreams

How does everyone else handle this? Recently my husband has been having more combat dreams than usual. I have been told by many that when he starts to have one get up out of the...


is it that extreme

hello ladies i need alittle help. my husband has many problems which include PTSD and TBI. i know it might come out sounding bad but its the only way i can say it. i just think...


black spots

ok so my signifaicant other was diagnosed with ptsd after he was honarably discharged back in 08' and we dealt with it back then the way everyone did, doctors, hospital visits...


Boys to Men

My youngest son just returned home from Afgan. and has been diagnosed with PTSD. He is not the same person at all. The war has made him cold and heartless. I knew my baby boy...



My name is Dezharae and my husband served in the Marines for 4 years. He went to Iraq two times, one of which was for the initial invasion. His second tour, he missed the birth...


The Massacre at Ft Hood

My husband was deeply affected by the massacre at Ft Hood yesterday. He wouldn't speak to me and barely at dinner. Did anyone else have a similar experience with their spouse?