Moms of Teen Diabetics

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Diabetes/Depression in teens

Has anyone had to deal with the depression that sometimes comes with teenagers and diabetes. my son, who is now 17, almost 18 was diagnosed at 6 yrs old. The past 3-4 years...


H1N1 experience

My 13 year old daughter with Type I had the H1N1 flue last week. It was verified by the doctors quick test (apparently there is another test that takes a few days.) She was...


meals suggestions

Now that school is back in session - I am needing some suggestions for lunches! Any ideas? Also what are good snack choices? Need more variety!


lows and naps

Hi. my 12 year old daughter had a day of lows that just would not stop, even with lots of glucose tabs. finally she suspended her pump and I went to pick her up at school....



Hi all - My son Jackson is 14, he was diagnosed with Type1 when he was 8 years old. I'm glad to have a community of parents.