1/2 Birth sister of my daughters found me on FB

Lydia Hannibal - posted on 04/26/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, my 17 year old twins have been in our family from 3 months old. One of the girls is autistic and the other neuro typical. I have always been up front about their adoption. I have always given age appropriate information . The neuro typical daughter gets it. The autistic daughter would not understand. My problem is their birth 1/2 sister just found me on FB. She is younger. Not with the birth mother who has had 9 children and only one is with her. The birth 1/2 sister has had contact with the birth mother who has been in and out of prison. She also has been in contact with the 1/2 brother that we know. He was adopted into a wonderful family, but the birth mother found him on FB a few years ago and ruined his life and his relationship with his adopted family. I know that this 1/2 sister is contacting through the birth mother. I had planned on finding birth family when they turned 18, but the thought of having our daughters senior year in HS disrupted by this toxic women is more than I can bare. Any thoughts from a community that would understand.


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Michelle - posted on 04/28/2017




I agree with Ev. Don't reply to the messages or even block her. You can send 1 message before blocking that can say that you don't wish for them to have contact with their birth family at this stage.
It doesn't have to be mean or rude but make sure you block them until you are ready for them to make contact.

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