13 y.o. Putting me into debt

Sandy - posted on 03/20/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am the guardian/grandmother of an almost 13 y.o. The girl has been through a lot on her life but it's still no excuse for whats happening now. I just got a call from my credit card company about a payment i had apparently never paid, my february statement. I asked my granddaughter about it and she admitted that she had thrown away the card because she had charged my credit card without my knowing. She has done this a lot on and off for the last few months. Some bills have been up to $3,000. I can't pay this anymore. If this next bill is extremely bad I'll be in debt! The payments are mainly to her ipod and computer. Taking her computer and ipod away can't happen. She is homeschooled in an online program. I'm getting bills almost every day for a health problem of hers and her hospitalization. My husband is so angry that he just wants to get rid of her for good and put her in a foster home. She wants to go back to school but wants to go to a public school. Her old private school and the program that shes doing now is extremely boring for her, so she gets far behind. If i let her go back to school (I dont even want her to go back to her private school) especially public school im afraid she'll get into drugs. Her father did and he was murdered because of it. She has resented drugs and alchohal even telling me that it bothers her when i drink wine. The girl is so hard to raise. Any advice on any of these subjects? I know it went all over the place. Ask any questions and i'll try to answer them.

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