13 year old anger management.

Trisha - posted on 02/22/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Clearly I did everything wrong by giving my son love and every other possible thing he could get. He is very sweet and sensitive, but also very angry.


Trisha - posted on 02/23/2015




Anger is generally a sign of frustration and a lack of ability to communicate. Perhaps you can sit down and talk about his anger (when he is calm) and try to come to solutions for his frustration.
During my husband's counselling for anger management (I attended as part of the couples counselling aspect of it) the counselor heavily encouraged trying to initiate the thinking/problem solving part of the brain.
Often anger is caused from negative self talk, and focusing on the problem, not a solution.
It is a good time to let your son know that anger dealt with in unhealthy ways will handicap his life in huge ways unless he learns to deal with it, and get him to commit to counselling if at all possible. It has done wonders for my husband, and even for me. It allows me to help him in re-focusing him onto solutions, and distractions from the anger, and reminding him about negative self talk. Tools/techniques to help the people around you while they manage something that is overstimulating like anger/anxiety are very useful.

Raye - posted on 02/23/2015




I'm sure you did not do EVERYthing wrong. But if you gave him "every other possible thing he could get", then you may have spoiled him. And kids who are spoiled can be difficult to manage.


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