13 year old daughter and getting up for school ipn the morning

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My daughter is a quiet smart little girl.Just for some reason,getting up in the morning is a struggle.She in bed by 9 pm and we set the alarm for 5:45 am in order to catch the bus.I wake her up and she just lays there,till last minute and then doesn't care if her hair is fixed or not!!She is a great kid rest of the time but not a morning riser at all.I keep thinking next year she will be in high school and it will change,she want to get up in time to at least do her hair.Right now its give me a pony tail band and I'm out the door
I don't want to displine her over it cause,well to many girls her age look way too "made up like there 20 years old'but I do fell like she should at least attempt to wake up run comb through her hair and open her eyes. What would you do in this sisuation????? Is this normal for an 8th grader???


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There has been a lot of research in recent years about the teenage brain and its sleep patterns. Teens tend to shift their sleep forward. They naturally stay awake later and need to sleep more in the morning.

The suggestion is that humans may have evolved in this way so that in a mixed age group made up of several families there would have been somebody awake to watch for danger and tend the fire most of the time. Adolescences might stay awake late while early rises would get up not too long after the teens went to sleep. Young children and the elderly often wake at freakishly early hours!

No matter what the reason though, many high schools have experimented with later school start times and found that student attendance and performance improved significantly.

The other issue is that the teenage brain goes through a massive reorganization during the adolescent years, and that combined with rapid physical growth and change means that teens typically require more sleep than adults. Unfortunately, they become sleep deprived because they can't get to sleep until late and have to get up early for school.

If you daughter falls asleep at exactly 9pm she's getting less than nine hours of sleep. Most likely, it takes your daughter some time to relax and actually fall asleep so my guess is that she's getting not a lot more than eight hours of sleep when she needs something closer to nine and a half.

So my answer would be that yes, this is normal for grade 8... and it may get worse before it gets better. I would do whatever I could to help your daughter sleep as long as she can in the morning. Can someone drive her to school?

Other suggestions I've seen is that teens have nap in the afternoon, although that's more for kids who can't get to sleep until much later. And that teens keep their regular sleep pattern (not staying up late and sleeping in on weekends).

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