13 year old daughter changed night and day ..at wits end

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Hi there! I'm new here I am a 38 year old mother of 3 beautiful kids. My oldest Brooke is 21 years old and has my 2 beautiful grandbabies..my middle is my only boy who had sensory integration disorder when he was younger but has grown out of it and is getting ready to graduate this year we have had our moments with him smart mouth and all and then their is my 13 year old Chloe Isabella she is the baby and her dad and I got divorced 6 years ago. He spoils her rotten and doesn't make her do chores and also doesn't discipline her the right way he is very controlling and screams and yells if she isn't perfect, which is why I left but I see him doing it to her. It has changed her. But u would think she would hate him and not want to be around him. But it's me she hates she tells me all the time. She hates living with me, I don't buy her enough, I make her do to many chores. Which she only has to keep her room clean, I have her all the week and he has her every weekend cuz he is off. The tantrums, the telling me to shut up and she wishes I would just die, which she knows I have systemic lupus that could be fatal. I cry over her daily she used to be my sweetest and most caring and just a joy I want my daughter back I know she was tested for lupus and it was positive she has been sick and she has been having female issues. Could this be hormonal? Help please:( I'm so frustrated Ty all


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I am so sorry I cannot give you advise on this as my kids and I never fought like that... yet... 13 and 15. I know the spoils of the father and being the disciplinarian mother and it bites!!!
I am a doctor by no means. So as for the health issues I do not know. Telling you the teen years are the hardest is pretty useless as you have raised two already.

So I just wanted to say, hopefully someone on here has been through the same and can give you some good advice. Keep your head up and take care of yourself first. Not being here is not an option.

Good luck.

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