13 year old daughter cutting

Susan - posted on 11/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have two beautiful teenagers, 13 and 16. The older one is very petite and thin, the younger one is curvy and developed very early. My 13 year old has lots of friends, liked by everyone, involved in lots of things in and out of school, and a really "good" person. I found out by reading her diary (please don't judge me) that she thinks she is fat and ugly, hates herself and suffers alot of anxiety. She started cutting in the summer and has also posted pictures of very skinny/anorexic models in a book and she writes about how her goal is to look like them. She loves food and hasn't had any drastic weight changes, i know she's not bulemic, but i think she tries limit her calories by skipping breakfast and lunch. last night i confronted her (i didn't tell her i read her diary, just that i found the book with the skinny girl pictures and notes about cutting calories and losing weight). She was devasted, but denied it. She first tried to say it was a school project, and then she admitted to cutting only twice to see what it felt like. She says nothing is bothering her and she wouldn't talk to me about it. I have never seen her so upset, she was crying. She doesn't want to go for help but I am going to get her into counselling anyway (she doesn't know that yet). I don't know what to do or if i am handling this the right way, so scared of doing something wrong or saying the wrong thing to send her lower into despair. As a sidenote i had a brother who was schizophrenic who commited suicide before she was born, my grandfather also commited suicide before i was born due to depression.


Lakota - posted on 11/29/2012




Please get your daughter into a counseling program immediately! Don't wait for a response here. Get her some help now.

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