13 year old daughter going on chat room and flashed her breasts


Denise - posted on 12/02/2012




What most people don't know is that their child has done that. Kids are sneaky. I work at a school and several of the kids found it very easy to talk to me. I also know there is a sight online called omegle, one the sight in big lettering 'TALK TO STRANGERS' and I bet that the majority of your children have been on it or have a friend that has been. The kids say that there will be guys jacking off and people showing 'something' to see 'something' in return. In other words it's like a juvenile porn sight. When I was talking to my sister about it her 12 year old came in the room, when she heard us say the website name her eyes lit up in fear that we had any idea what it was. If you want to know if your child has been there I suggest you just say the name omegle and watch your child's reaction. If all the children who have been on this sight were no longer allowed online, there would never be another kid online again, not saying that is a bad thing.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/03/2012




If I could find the link, I'd say show 'em the video that the young girl made (before she killed herself because she was being cyber stalked by a predator due to her initial actions) about what damages she caused to herself and her life by trying to "fit in" and flashing someone online.

Unfortunately, depending on how much info is put onto that site, any pedophile can now find pictures of your daughter flashing. Let her know that! Let her know that her "business" is out there, and there is now nothing that she can do to stop the pervs from seeing it. And, if she doesn't wish any more of her business to be public, she'd better learn how to say NO to her little friends when they dream up stupid stunts like this.

I check my kid's computer regularly. His older brother (now adult) had an incident where he hacked into our account to give himself full permissions online, ended up with a junk computer because of all the crap the porn sites put on it. He had to purchase his next computer, and allow me full access until he was 18. He never surfed porn again. My younger one hasn't had the chance. He's busted from the get go. I caught him sexting once. I called the parents of the girl, and we both read them the riot act. Neither were allowed their phones for a bit, and when they got them back, they were still not allowed to text for a while after that.

Nip it in the bud now. Before she creates more of a problem, or pervs start showing up at your door wanting a free show.


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France - posted on 03/17/2013




I'm sorry, but, wth! I remember being embarrassed, shy even when showing breasts was an issue. I had a lovely chest, but the idea of anyone-anyone literally!- seeing this...makes me mortified. WHAT HAS HAPPENED??? I have a 13 yr o girl who is large on top. I don't get the whole " flashing online w/all the creepy pedophiles salivating over our children! Am I alone? Did someone give me a "crazy pill"??!?? Anyone like the sound of "family picnic" anymore?! Sheeeesh! Jeez, tch! I Am SO sick of hearing all the "politically correct" malarkey !please, tell me, moms, I'm not alone....🙆😱

Colleen - posted on 12/02/2012




You got it, that was the site she was on! It was her and 4 of her friends at a sleepover 3 separate times. They thought it would be funny? I can't tell you how many times I have had a conversation with her and her friends when they have been here about girls posting things online and sending pics to boys, about the many things u hear about on the news, and my work stories from the hospital. These are good girls( A students, they are involved in sports, etc). It doesn't seem to matter when peer pressure and curiosity are in the mix, along with the accessibility of these things at their fingertips! I spoke with all the girls parents ( whom I have known for years) and they all have their Internet privileges taken away, parental controls put on the tv and computer, phones taken away, and we are all getting together with the girls on Friday night to talk to them about the severity of this situation. What else can we do? I wish the schools can get involved informing the kids about these chat rooms. This is disgusting!

S. - posted on 12/02/2012




If that was my daughter i'd take away her Internet privileges straight away.

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