13-year-old daughter wants to have breakfast at school.

Alice - posted on 04/22/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 13-year-old daughter says that she doesnt want to have breakfast at home. Instead, she wants it to have at school (at ten, to be exact) because when we eat at eight, she says that she is not hungry and feels sick afterwards. I am against that, because she must eat with her family no matter what. am i doing the right thing? Family is more imprtant than your own preferances.

Update: thank you for your resposes, i see what I have been doing wrong. Thank you!


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Valeria - posted on 04/22/2015




I agree with the ladies, I think you shouldn't make this a bigger matter than it is. Family time I agree is important, but your daughter is coming to you with a situation that is fairly normal and wants you to be understanding. You both can compromise, she can still sit at the table and maybe have a cup of juice or tea, may grab something small, maybe she just doesn't want to eat anything at all, but she can still participate. I don't see why she cant still be a part of family time if she simply doesn't eat.

Chana - posted on 04/22/2015




I don't understand why she must eat with her family, especially for breakfast. I have a husband and two daughters and none of us eat breakfast at the same time during the week, now on weekends we do sit down to breakfast only because I make us a hot breakfast. My girls get up around 6:30 and do not want to eat until about 9 or 9:30. She is 13 she knows when she is hungry and she knows what happens if she eats too early. Respect her feelings and avoid her getting sick, no one wants to go to school or work feeling sick.

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Each person is physically and physiologically different. It could very well be that, if your daughter eats to early in the day, she could be having a problem digesting, etc. I'm like that...I can't really eat a meal before 9 or 10 am, or I'll be nauseated and feel rough.

What dire consequences will commence if she doesn't eat with family 'no matter what'? Ultimately, a person's HEALTH should be the top priority. I can pretty much guarantee that the world won't come to an end if one child doesn't eat breakfast at the same time the others do. In fact, mine are living proof...LOL...both of their appetites indicate different eating schedules.

Not to mention, most families will put more emphasis on the dinner time being more important for family interaction, while others will consider the midday meal the most important. What do you plan to do as your children grow up, have different commitments and interests, and may not always be able to be at the breakfast table?

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