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Ann Marir - posted on 05/19/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm the mom of a fourteen year old. I share her with her dad who often undermines me by rewarding her bad behavior. You know how it goes.... she's on her phone. Acts ghetto. She's very pretty but is arrogant and proud. She doesn't want to lift a finger just wants to be on her phone . Is rude and disresoecrful. I'm not angel either. I haven't been the best mom . I've been in recovery since 2006 . She kicks me in the butt about my past and I can't change it. I can only change the next five minutes . I cant change what's already happened. I want to move forward. And we are. But then she will get her nails done to look sexy and start posting her photos. Who knows what kind of boys or men are befriending her. She acts like she's street smart but is not even close. This morning she fought with her eight year old sister and that's when I stepped in to separate them. She said F#!* you to me while middle finger went up. What can I do? Hit her ? She will call dcfs on me . She's on probation. I feel like I must save her from herself. It's now influencing her sisiter. Should I call her Los Angeles County probation deputy on her ? Any advise? I know this will all pass but it sure is draining us all


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Ev - posted on 05/21/2017




What kinds of rules do you have for her and do you even impose the consequences for them? How does she get her nails done--who pays for that---if it is you then why are you doing that? How does her phone get paid for---take it away or close out her usage on it? Close down the internet.

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