14 Year Old Son hormones & sex....

Tamara - posted on 06/06/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Perhaps you can shed some light on this or maybe I should start another post. My 14 year old son has discovered girls in the past year. When I discovered this he had shared it with me and that is it. Nothing else was open to discussion on this matter, however I proceeded to tell him about sex, std s, teen pregnancy and of course condoms. Thankfully he listened but offered nothing else. Thats ok I accepted that, because I am a single mom and understand that it is uncomfortable for him to talk to me about this. He/we don't have any male figures in our lives except for his grandpas for him to feel comfortable to take advice from. Because to him they are dinosaurs. I understand that too. Although I discovered a hiden box of condomes and commened him for being smart enough to buy them...I try not to pry too much and let him come mention things in passing (few and far between) I have even met the last two girls that he calls his girlfriend in passing. The problem is that on several occasions accidentally neglected to log out of his Facebook. Of course I read his messages and although his Facebook photo is one kissing his current girlfriend he is desperately reaching out to other girls for some play. Most of the girls are flirtatiously opposed to anything, some are open. How do I approach him and tell him that this is inappropriate without letting him know that the only way I could find out about this is my reading what he considers his private conversations?


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My 15 year old nephew is the same and no matter what my sister says to him he carries on, I reckon all his mates think he's cool. My sister says "one day a girl will break your heart and then you will know how it feel's" untill that time he will more then likely carry on. At that age all you can do is advice he will learn life lessons in his own time. My other nephew (the stud's lol, older brother) has been with the same girl for 3 years so it's nothing you've done or can do it's just the way some boys are.

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Um, IMO, you should have had the talk about appropriate behaviour while you were telling him about std's. How to treat your partner is just as important as protecting them.

How you approach it is up to you, but at least be honest with the kid. Tell him you saw his fb page, and you're concerned that he's treating these girls too lightly, and the seriousness of a relationship.

Start showing him how women need to be treated now...you don't want to raise a jackass! Trust me. The more you exhibit behavior that you want him to emulate, the better off you are. And show him that respect for women doesn't just end with mom and grandma.

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Apologis for being long winded, I just wanted to add that... although I undestand the raging hormones, girlfriends and all, my objective is that I want to be able to talk to him about being respectful and monogomous to his current girlfriend.

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