14 year old step son

Stacey - posted on 04/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been dating a man with 3 boys. 9, 12, & 14. The younger 2 have come around, but the 14 yo is put of control. They have not had a mother figure in 6 years. Their own mother is not in their lives, but lives only 1 hr away. This is her choice, she likes her booze and drugs more. The 14 yo started threatening calling DCFS about 3 no ago. When that didn't work he went to school and told a councilor he was being abused at home. This of course opened an investigation, that was in the long run unfounded. As a nurse it does scare me because if there are reports of child abuse I can lose my license. Their father does back me up 100% with disciplining them. I do not spank... He does. But the 14 yo has started abusing the 9 yo and this I will not stand for. I am at a loss as what to do.. HELP.


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Counseling is a good start. He's acting out the abandonment, and feels that if he alienates everyone, then no one can abandon him, he'll have driven them away.

Counseling is a must. Leaving him alone to watch his siblings is also out until he gets help.

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