14 yr old girl issues!!!

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As a mom, how do I handle my daughter (Tana) coming to me crying that her best friend hates her now because Tana talked to a boy the friend liked and saw first.

Tana has NO interest in boys that way. She sees boys as friends and nothing else. She has even announced that she won't need to know about dating for another 20 yrs or so. (She is serious). The friend is a boy-crazy one.

I did tell her to not talk to the friend till she calms down. (she tried and got nowhere but into a yelling match). I've also encouraged her not to change, that this is not her problem and she can have all the friends, male or female, that she wants.

In the middle of this is another girl or two that are just as boy-crazy and also a reporter (complete with a twisted story about what was said in the conversation). I know, from watching for years that these other girls NEED attention, so they are not an issue as Tana has learned to handle these ones. I thought the best friend was dealing with things too, but I'm not sure now. I think she has been "sucked in".

I'm just not sure how to handle some of these things. Anyone else have this issue?

Teenage drama!!!!! wow, glad I was the same way my daughter is.


Kristin - posted on 06/06/2012




All I can say is just be supportive and willing to listen to your daughter, which I think you are already doing. One good thing about teenage drama is that is usually never lasts long and they all become friends again. If not maybe encourage your daughter to meet new people and make new friends. Sounds like your daughter is pretty smart and has a good head on her shoulders.

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