15 yr old son wants to move in with girlfriends family

Amanda - posted on 08/14/2019 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi - I am trying to get some help trying to know how to handle my 15 yr old. He wants to live with his girlfriend and her family, but I am not comfortable with it. I don't trust the Mom; she tends to lie A LOT and is a huge DRAMA QUEEN. I believe there is way more to why the Mom is wanting to have my son live with her- Ijust can't put my finger on it. They struggle as is- and have been evicted 3 times since I met her less than a year ago- why on earth would they want another mouth to feed, their water, electric, food costs to increase? My son has only been dating the daughter for about 6 months.
We live in country (a good 10+ miles outside of the city) and he claims to hate not being close to his friends and walking distance to get a job. But I know that if he is out here he doesn't get into trouble, and can't really run away( no place to go). Last year I let him move in with my parents for the school year because they are in the heart of the city and he could be close to his friends. But he stole their cars and went joyriding (with the girlfriend), only passed 2 out of 14 courses, and got skipped class all the time. I know that he is growing up - but I believe he should be at least passing his classes, and show responsibility at home for at least a few months -then he can leave if he still wants to. Am I wrong? Does anyone have any words of wisdom or similar experience?


Jessica - posted on 09/22/2019




My reply would be not only no, but HELL NO.

I wouldn't want another family raising my kid for me either.


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Patty - posted on 08/21/2019




Sorry you're in that spot. Honestly I don't see anything but big trouble if he does :(

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