16 yr old daughter doesn't seem to give a crap about my B-day, Mothers day, when I go on a trip or haven't seen her in a week etc.

Cindy - posted on 07/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




:( I want to cry because I definitely did not raise her this way but when I confront her she just says- sorry- oh I didn't think about it. Oh and Happy birthday how was your trip. I said Never mind, don't ask me because I told you to:(

No call- no text on my b-day on Friday- I sent her a picture text of a cute dog I saw when I was out of town for my b-day and I got a "cute and oh happy birthday.
I picked her up today (she is one week with her dad and one week with me) and asked her about her week, weekend, school, anything fun etc etc. Did our grocery shopping, chatting etc... got home and when i walked in I told her that I couldn't believe she hasn't even ask me ONCE how my week or my trip or my b-day was. Not one thing.
This is typical btw- but I am hurt (as usual) and upset and irritated. My husband is PISSED. He wants to have words with her too.. I'm just not sure how to deal with it.. I don't want to cry in front of her- this isn't the first and only time she has done this- she could care less about shopping for Christmas gifts for me or anything for that mater- usually my husband will say something to her like do you want to go shopping for your mom or maybe you could paint her a picture or etc etc....she just doesn't seem to care at all about anyone but herself.
I know most of you are thinking- well that's a teenager but I didn't grow up that way and never ever treated my mother this way.
Not to mention MY own hormones are raging (pre-menopause). I am just lost on what to do if anything. Will she get it on her own? Do I just continue to have "talks" with her about how rude and uncaring and disrespectful it is and hope eventually she'll get it?

omg... I could type forever.... can't talk to my husband anymore... he is just irritated at her and calls her a selfish spoiled brat (which is partially true but that doesn't fix anything)


I am open to advice and criticism now... sigh


Jodi - posted on 07/23/2013




She's 16. You need to stop taking it personally. The world is all about her. While it is frustrating and selfish, and EXTREMELY rude, it is actually quite normal. Rather than getting upset, you need to say something to her like "Aren't you going to wish me happy birthday" or "Did you forget about Mother's Day"?

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