16yr old son taking drugs and stealing money

Adele - posted on 08/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have had years of my son spiralling out of control, he has wrecked my house, abused and threatened his older sister, i have had to pay off drug dealers in past, i helped him when he was caught taking drugs to school and handing them out to his schoolmates, he is currently on a caution. He did go to his nan in Scotland and then came home and lived with my mum and dad for a bit, he moved schools and seemed to be doing ok then mum asked me to take him back as he was becoming disrespectful again and she couldnt control him, as soon as he was back he got in with the wrong crowd and now is taking drugs again and possibly selling them. He comes and goes as he pleases doesnt listen to a word anyone says and the final straw last night is him ransacking my bedroom and taking his little 8 yr olds brothers money we were saving for his hol to eurodisney next week. I am going to call police and this is the end of the line myself and my family cannot take anymore of him. i feel like the worst parent in the world but i get no help from social services, school gave him a drugs counseller who said its not his fault so he thinks he can carry on as he pleases.... Im a single parent and this is hurting me so bad, my daughter who passed her A levels yesterday and is going to Uni is so upset at leaving us with him that shouldnt happen... i worry about my 8 year old son , thats why he has to go...


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I send hugs to you for sharing this situation. Being a single parent has its challenges, but this situation appears to be out of control. How old is your son? If he is an adult then you should call the police and press charges. But be sure to let him know that you are doing it because you care and love him and want to see him get help.
However, I wonder if being bounced around from place to place didn't help him resolve these behaviors. I am going to assume he is a minor from the fact that he is still in school, if that is the case then I would go to your pediatrician/physician and explain the situation and demand help. Go to his school and demand help. Go the police and ask what you can do to help your son. I can't imagine any professional turning away a concerned parent. Look online and research boot camps for him, there are even tv shows that show troubled kids spending a day in a prison to see what it is like and what is in store for them if they continue on the path of destruction. As a single parent your job is twice as hard, but be an advocate, don't settle for the "it's a phase" or the "nothing appears to be wrong" answer. If you have to take a video so the professionals can see what you are talking about. I know this all probably sounds easier said than done especially with other children to consider, but he is still your son and you have the obligation to help him. I pray for you and hope you find the resources you need to help your son. May God bless you and your family during this difficult time.

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