17 year old daughter

Kay - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter was given my old car she was speeding two months ago and almost killed it.there were ice on the roads yesterday morning i had to be at work and she had to be at school.we talked briefly about how she keeps bleaching her hair and how it looks good and she stated shell bleach it anyway its falling out already guys why?anyway i said drive slowly to school and she hit a man cover breaking subframe tire and axle ive never had harsh words or spankings but when i got off work she gave me a so what look and i slapped her.she has always given me grief she shoplifted less than a month ago and luckily they didnt arrest her.what is wrong with her?


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Lori - posted on 01/10/2014




While popping her wasn't smart sometimes they need an attitude adjustment. Not everyone will agree with that, but how they raise their kids is up to them, how I raise mine is up to me. We also bought our son a car, a Camaro at that (its 20 yrs old). However he knows from the outset it is actually my car, I own it, and as easily as it was given, it will be taken away. He has been driving a year and has been pulled over only for a burnt out headlight. Girls are just brats at this age, got a 14 yr daughter. So here is my thoughts. Sounds like whats wrong with her is she is bein a brat. Take away her car keys now. Not only is she a hazard to her own health, she is a hazard to everyone else. She is not responsible enough to drive without a parent in the car. You didn't mention if she has a job. If she doesn't, stop buying the hair bleach for her. In fact, strip her down to nothing: only a bed and clothes in her room. Take away her priviledges, etc. That doesn't work, you can always call her in as a juvenile delinquent..let her cool off in jail for a night. Might be the attitude adjustment she needs.

Jodi - posted on 01/10/2014




You slapped her? Did it not occur to you to take the car keys off her? I would be, and I wouldn't be giving them back too soon either.

Bleaching her hair? Whatever. If it is falling out, that's her problem.

Shoplifting, yeah, not so great. How did she get away with not being arrested? That probably would have been just the thing she needed.

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