18 year old daughter going crazy after breakup?

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My daughter is one of those sweet, funny, spontaneous, incredibly social and friendly, somewhat popular girls. She is super independent and driven. She was dating a nice , loving, sweet boy .they were together for a year and a half. He was so sweet on her, and she genuinely loved him. I believe this was her first love, her first boyfriend, and yes - her first sexual encounter.
My girl turned 18 about 6 weeks ago. Just after her birthday, she told me that her and him broke up. It was agreed that they weren't getting on as well as before and they were both too young for this kind of seriousness anyway. My daughter had worked and payed for her own trip to Cuba with her friends for graduation which she was leaving on for nearly 2 weeks. Her boyfriend took a scholarship to a university about 3 hours away which he leaves in a month. They said this is their last summer as kids and they both want to enjoy it.
Two days after they broke up my daughter went to Cuba. When she came back I know that he was the very first person she contacted by text and phone. I know they have been texting each other every day since she came back. They've only seen each other a few times. I see her texting him immediately after receiving a text from him. They are all over each others social media whether liking posts or telling each other how they're no good for each other anymore..or fighting...
She will not talk to me. She doesn't tell me anything at all about how she's doing or feeling, and if I ask she just blows up. Then I have her mad and still no information.
So now I have this young adult daughter who totally flipped in the space of a month. She still texts her boy regularly. All her online posts say she loves him and she's moving on. His posts are full of remorse self recriminations and oh so sad.
But my thing right now is the things she's doing! She is now hanging out with a whole new group of friends - aquaintences of his who he doesn't approve of (!)- she's decided she doesn't like her job and so plans to quit. And she plans to go to a music festival in a few weeks which is a 2 day outdoor drinking/ drug fest as far as I can tell. She was so critical of those before! But again, this new group of friends. Many of the girls she has over to the house right now are openly gay or bisexuals according to them. I feel that she is so angry and hurt with him that she's trying to do and be all the things they disapproved of.
I don't really have anyone here to talk to who isn't close to her. I don't want anyone to know about all of this. But I am worried and scared for her. This growing up sure is hard!

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