18 year old terrorizing me and my wife

Stephanie - posted on 05/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I love my son. He is 18 and we were always extremely close. He shared everything with me. He was always a good kid, if a little high strung at times. His dad has a terrible temper and I ended up divorcing him because of it. I remarried a woman that my children all knew and loved, and for a while, things were great. My ex had a sticky relationship with my sons, and they spent a lot of time, sometimes months at a time with me and my wife. My oldest, however, has changed. He lost two friends to suicide within a year, and has, according to two different Psychiatrists, PTSD. He certainly fits the description. He becomes enraged at times, has destroyed things in our home, smokes pot on a daily basis (he said it helps him, which I'm sure it does), and is in danger of not graduating. He blames all of this on me and my wife. He writes horrible, nasty, hate filled texts to me, and then two days later, acts like nothing happened. He and I will then get along great, and for a week or so, things will be fine, then he explodes again. I told him he could not live at my house, as he has destroyed a sentimental object of hers, and I am not going to be verbally abused. I just can't believe that this son I loved and raised has turned out like this. I am trying to get him to see a psychologist, but since he is not speaking to me at the moment, that is not happening. Help!


Raye - posted on 05/20/2015




It has to be hard to see your son hurting, and also to have him hurting you and your wife. You should try to work with him to at least graduate, but he's 18, so technically he's an adult and can live on his own and make his own way in the world. Tell him there are rules for him to continue living at home, and if he can't abide by the rules like an adult, he will have the very real-world consequence of being evicted from your home. Tell him you love him, and want to help him, but it is no acceptable for him to destroy things and be disrespectful.

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