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Hi im trying to compile a list of GOOD and BAD secondary schools...

this is not to be used to rant about a school..its simply a list to aid parents in choosing the right school for thier childs needs..

im looking for schools that have experience of ADHD...that are sympathetic that dont just exclude and constantly punish and blame .. schools that give the extra help that go that extra mile in ensuring your child recieves the help they deserve and need..

i also want to know about the schools that are no good in coping or dealing or addressing the needs of children with ADHD..

many thanks for anyones in putt


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Paula - posted on 02/21/2014




Hi I am looking for schools that help children with ADHD/ODD also bipolar. I live in groveport/madison area which is columbus, Ohio. Hopefully someone can help me find a school for my son. Thanks.

Melissa - posted on 04/23/2009




I don't know what area or even what state your in so I can't suggest a specific school. However I can sympathize and give some suggestions for public school. I have a 161/2 yr old son who has ADHD, in Dayton, Ohio there is a school not sure if it's secondary it's called New City School and it is for ADHD & ADD only. As far as public school they do not want to deal with the children who have these very real issues with the way their brain works. It's just to diffuclt for them as we parents understand, it is not easy to deal with children. But it is their job as well as our job to deal with these kids. Unforturnately the school don't feel it's their responsability to inform you of option you are intitled to have by law that the school must make available to you. I didn't find out that there where things that the schools where suppose to be doing for my child and other children with similar issues until my son was in 8th GRADE!!! I don't know if anyone as mentions a program or system called IEP. This is to fix your childs schedule that will benefit the child has well as provide any and all extra help that your child may need. Example if they have trouble taking tests they are to provide someone to help child in whatever way needed wheither reading the test out loud, writing answers given by child, and or creating an environment that is less distracting for the test taking . Basic whatever your child needs to succeed in school your local public school must by law provide all needed adjustments to your childs school day. I hope this helps. I know how it feels to have most people believing ADHD & ADD are not real problems but problem children which can make us parents crazy when we know our children don't want to have the problems with things that are diffcult for them, they wish things came as easy for them as it seems to come so easy for most of the kids arounds them including siblings.

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