Adopting granddaughter but worried about going through the teen years

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Hi, I have a (granddaughter) my daughter that I have raised since she was 7 weeks old, when her alcoholic mom walked out. When she was 1 yrs old I moved her to MI to get away from the people (my husband and 2 daughters) who were doing drugs....we lived in MI from 2005 to 2015 and came back to CO when she was 11 1/2. Since we came back, her mom, her dad and aunt went back to drugs so we don't want to see them. She has always been a really good girl, sweet and caring of others...very respectful of me. She has witnessed her aunt physically attack me since we have been back here and her mom verbally abuse me. She is going to be 13 and I told her she could get a facebook account but now I am not too sure. I am a network security professional, so I have been telling her for 2 years when she get these apps, they are going to be monitored to the she says it is because I don't trust (manipulation) I have explained it isn't her, it is do to the preverts out there. I am looking for somewhere I can get answer that make sense to a teenager in other daughters are 44, 34, it has been awhile since I had a to


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Bless your heart for standing up for this girl. Her future is so much brighter because of you. As for her behavior, it is a tricky thing to know how much “leash” to give teenagers. You know they have to learn but you there are so many dangerous things that can hurt them. Try as hard as you can to keep communication open. There is an article ( you really need to read. It brings up several topics that might help. Also, it contains a link called Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

If you are a person of faith – or even if you aren’t – I’d look into finding a good church group your granddaughter might join. They usually have lots of activities, and she can meet kids while doing fun things under supervision. I have prayed for you and your granddaughter. Best wishes, and blessings.

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