Anybody have a teenager with severe Social Anxiety ?

Karen - posted on 04/30/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello , I have an 18 year old daughter who's been dealing with Social Anxiety since she's been very young!! But I have found since she started High School 2 years ago her Anxiety has escalated and she's having more issues . She was recently diagnosed with OCD and we are now dealing with this as well.
She's is doing much better since she started meds and CBT but I would like to talk with other parents who have been in this situation , to kind of compare notes!!!
Thanks so much!!


Pitrak - posted on 04/30/2013




Hello Karen,

I do hope that I don't make you feel worse with my reply. I have an 18 year old son - he's tall, handsome, kind and imaginative but he has severe social anxiety that has lead him to become so depressed that he doesn't want to do anything anymore. He's supposed to be graduating high school and taking his university entrance exams this summer, but it looks like he's going to fail to do both.

My son has been to 3 sessions of therapy and one session with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist prescribed Prozac and Rispardil, but I spoke with her and and our family doctor and am giving him St John's Wort instead. I was afraid he might suffer the same side effects as I did 8 years ago and the doctors could not say he wouldn't.

It all began with some kids his age bullying and teasing him. He told me he didn't take it seriously until one day it got to him and now he barely has any self-esteem left. He won't go to therapy anymore even though he believed the therapists were competent. He says he doesn't think anything will work.

I don't know what lies around the corner - I can only say it is extremely lonely in my son's world, and no matter what I do, things only seem to be getting worse. As for your daughter's OCD, I have some symptoms myself - I have had them most of my life, but I use this to cope when things get stressfull. It helps me feel in control, even if it is just a feeling. It has not stopped me working.

High school is so very trying on children, and peers can be so insensitive. Please know you are not alone.


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