Anybody know where to shop for 14 year old girl that has the body of a 10 year old?

Jodi - posted on 02/11/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 14 year old, is about 4'5" and only weighs 62 lbs. She is a very modest young lady, hates sparkly clothes and clothes that make her look younger than what she is. Most size small in junior departments are too big, and most stores don't carry size xs. We have to do most of her shopping in the children's department and most of those clothes are too childish. Does anybody know of any stores that would have non-childish fashion for a small framed girl that won't kill the wallet? We recently tried Maurices and bought a size 0 pants, they are a little big in the waist but the length is very long. Please all help would be appreciated. (my daughter started in this world very small she was a preemie and has never "caught" up with the world in sizes)


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Ooooo man I'm 14 and I have the EXACCT same problem. I've always been really small and that doesn't bother me but shopping is a nightmare. I find though that the younger kid version of Ambercrombie has similar styles and smaller sizes. And since these are made for younger kids the sleeves and pant legs aren't to long. Score!

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I feel your pain. Our kids are all small for their ages, and as an adult I struggle to find clothes that fit.

I'll be surprised if you have much luck in the juniors section of department stores or at adult stores that carry size xs and 00. With size inflation, I'm 39 years old have four kids and am still shopping in the juniors section and wearing size 00. That stuff is usually meant for people who are at least 5 feet tall and upwards of 95 or 100 pounds. The smallest adult/junior sizes are usually comparable to a child size 14.

From the details you've posted, it sounds like your daughter is probably about a size 10 in children's clothing. I would watch Justice, the girl's line at Forever 21, Crazy 8 and the kids section at H&M.

H&M is European, and European children's wear tends to be less cutesy and either more classic or more fashion forward. I know that Justice has lots of overly glittery stuff, but they carry basics too. Crazy 8 is owned by Gymboree, but it's cheaper and more trendy. Again, you'll have to sift through stuff, but they do have some things that don't look like little kid clothing.

I would suggest that you get a sense of what your daughter would like to wear, and then go through the websites for the children's clothing stores and find similar items. Either order the things online or go to the store to try them on and buy them. Doing that, you can at least skip the discouragement that comes from a large percentage of the store being very kiddish.

There isn't a children's clothing store full of size 10 or 12 clothing that looks like teen clothing, but a lot of it exists. There are a lot of posts on here from parents complaining about how hard it is to find age appropriate clothing because so many people dress their kids older than they are.

If you research


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They sell a size 00 and even 000. They also have a size XS in all of their clothes, and their clothes run small. Their clearance rack is great as well. For shirts, TJ Maxx and Marshalls usually have an XS. Try the women's petite department at stores such as Target, Macys, and Loft. For jeans, try Justice. They're not sparkly and come in a variety of different sizes. Trust me, if you get her to look at them, SHE WILL LOVE THEM :) Target also sells XS in their Junior's department. Forever 21 realeased a line of super cute clothes for girls that would definitely fit as they are child sizes. Try investing in belts to cinch at the waist for loose shirts or to tighten pants. Good luck :)

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you can try Hollister - almost all the Teen- kids I know in that age wearing hollister and the sizes are small for skinny teens. check out the sales you will find out the clothes are cheaper than inTarget. I was susprised when went shopping for my daughter. The clothes are pretty cool.

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Try Walmart or maybe a K-Mart.My daughter was built like me when I was young.My mother used to have to hem up pants if they were too long and take darts in on the waist band so that I could grow into them.When it came to my daughter,there was a larger variety of sizes.I had to hunt,usually in the boys section because she liked wearing jeans and I could find them in slim sizes at Walmart.I don't know if you have any stores called Boot Barn where you are,but they have a lot of kids jeans there.They used to known as Western Warehouse.Sometimes I had to put a belt with their jeans if I just couldn't find things small enough.Both my kids were very slim built.I would ask them what they liked since they had to wear it.We always did a lot of trying on of clothes to be sure that's what they wanted and would wear it. I would make sure that we weren't in a hurry when we went shopping so that we could make sure of things.

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