Anyone have a teen that took Barbizon classes?

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My daughter came home from school having filled out a form to win a scholarship from Barbizon (for any college). Of course, they called to interview/audition her for their program and of course, she really wanted to go... just curious if this is a worthwhile program, or is she better off taking classes at the local theater companies and thru school productions. She is not starting at ground zero, but this program seems to be for girls who are starting from scratch. Please share any info you have!


Lovinia - posted on 09/12/2012




My best friend and I took our daughters to one of those "auditions" and we left mad because it was a wasted of time. You have to sit through an hour or so of a "This could be you!" type of presentation only to get to the "interview" and find out they want you to pay $2,000 on the spot. Of course the girls wanted to do it but we felt like we shouldn't have to pay to get bookings so we left.

Unless you're willing to pay that much for bookings I say steer clear and go another rountine if she's really serious about modeling.


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Bibi - posted on 09/27/2012




Watch out for Wilhelmina, too. The Wilhelmina company that's out there "auditioning" is only very loosely connected to the real Wilhelmina. They'll "invite" your daughter for an audition which is barely a line-up and parade across a stage. My daughter went to one after answering an open call and she was promised a phone call later in the week. The literature she brought home *did* mentioned marketing fees (which are expenses you'd expect to pay any way, such as head shots), but it was never mentioned that you'd have to get those things through Wilmelmina. Well, she got the phone call inviting her to ccome in and sign a contract, but she was also told she'd need $2400 on that day!! Everything we've read warns not to ever ever pay a modeling agency a startup fee of any kind. We did some more research and found that the director of this Wilhelmina has been in trouble with the law. It seems there is a law against charging people for employment. and she had violated it. So be careful!

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