Anyone live in the Atlanta GA or surrounding area? Moving advice needed

Lisa - posted on 04/03/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am an African American single mother of two teenagers and I have just became a full time student also. I am doing my research in advance because I am fed up of living here in KY. I am about to sign a 1 year lease for a house here so that gives me 1 year to get everything together. The housing market here is disgusting if you are on section 8. Hard to find anything decent AND in a nice area. I wish I could just leave now! Anyway, now that I have vented that out, I have been drawn to the city of Atlanta (or surrounding area) for quite some time & I am longing to move there. I am on section 8 and I am wanting to know if anyone can inform me of what areas are best to move to. Also, any insight on anything that could be helpful to me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Hello I am an African American single mom of one planning to relocate from Georgia to Texas. I have money saved, located a relocation specialist and am currently sending my resume out so that I can locate a job. I am an accounting/finance professional however my passion lie in helping people (specifically children). I have lived in Georgia all my life and I need a change in pace. I want to experience something different and new so I am leaving all of this craziness behind. My question to you guys is do any of you beautiful Texans have any information on the bestand safest places for me to start looking? I want an area that is family friendly, safe and has nice schools. I would love to have a townhome with a covered garage or a place that has access to a playgorund or park.


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being an african american in the ATL, I hope you understand it is about status and image there. My concern would be your teenagers if they are females, I think the boys really would not care, most likely the areas for section 8 in the atl are not going to be that great or you will most likely pay way above what you want, I live 5 min from ky and 30 min from nashville I love it. , I never been on section 8 but I do know certain areas are very bias to those on it, and the ATL seem like it would have you in a area you may not like, because the image or reputation is about where you live there, I have friends that move because they didn't want people to know where they lived I never seen anything like it, I would research that city if your going to have to use public aid. I'm sure you don't want your children in a bad area. you may want to look at cities out side of the ATL first.

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Well contact a real estate company in that area and ask if they have a relocation department. When you find one (or two) ask for a relocation package and that will include a lot of info for you. Also, contact your church organization there as well. You can also join LinkedIn for business contacts- it's free. I hope that gets you started on your dream. Go for it- just stay in action, even if it is little things. And rent the video- The Secret, and use all your intention for your dream. Good luck.

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