Bed wetting?

Michele - posted on 11/09/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 13 year old son still wets the bed at night. He hasn't hit puberty yet. I've been to Dr's they all say he will grow out of it. I feel so bad for my son. We limit sleepovers almost completely. He had a school trip 3 days overnight. We had to have a system for him to hide the evidence as I sat home praying that he would be ok and not embarrassed. He did ok but I was a nervous wreck. He's 13!!! This is crazy. I don't think Meds are the answer. I just wonder if anyone else feels my pain for my poor boy.


Katie - posted on 12/10/2017




We had exactly the same problem, I know what your going through. We saw various doctors and quite literally tried everything. We did go down the meds route but it took quite a while to get the correct dosage and even then they didn’t always work. I did so much research and found out that many kids stop once they reached puberty. And it happened, literally just like that. Hair started to grow and the bed wetting stopped. I was so relieved. Hang on in there, it is not easy. My worst point is when he phoned me at 4 in the morning from a sleep over party saying it happened again. My heart broke for him. We devised a plan, there was a bottle of water in the room. He poured it all over his bed and when everyone woke up he was really upset asking who poured water over him (& his sleeping bag) and said that he was so upset he was going straight home. It worked, no one realized what had actually happened. I so feel your pain, but they do grow out of it.


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Summer - posted on 12/26/2017




It is true...most (boys and girls) grow out of bedwetting at different age 13, your son should be ready for it to just stop though. I feel for is difficult for you as a parent, but much more difficult for your son. It sounds like you've went down all avenues to try to resolve this...but have you tried spanking? My son had the same bedwetting issues and he was far from puberty. We did try diapers, but that still meant we had to clean him up the next morning. By the third spanking for bedwetting he stopped. Only had one accident since then. Psychological...maybe...but all I know is spanking worked on him.

One thing you can do is set an alarm and get him up to pee at some point during the night...this should help.

Leslie - posted on 11/12/2017




:-( So sorry...I do understand and feel your pain for your boy. Why don't you think meds are the answer? Do you limit fluids after 3pm? Have you seen a pediatric urologist or just your pediatrician? I would encourage you to see a specialist if you haven't already....

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