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My daughter had a boy kiss her 2 years ago. She didn't kiss him he kisswd her. When it happened she was very upset. She hasn't seen him after that. Well now she is a senior and recently in September got a boyfriend. He and her where talking and she told him what happened. He referred to it as a form of assault
Well he had never kissed anyone prior to my daughter. My daughter ended up with mono. Now he keeps talking about how could she allow it to have happened. He has made her cry on av everage of once a week. I told her to break up with him.She is just so upset. Please help


Enna - posted on 11/19/2013




It sounds like the new boyfriend is being a little controlling. Even if your daughter kissed the other kid on purpose it's none of new boyfriend's business.
I'm also confused by all the "he"s. Your daughter got mono when? Kissing is not the only way you can get it.
Another thing: your daughter's a senior. She really needs to be the one making the decisions here. I agree that her to breaking up with him is probably the best idea.

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