cleaning house, help !!!!!!!!

Lois - posted on 12/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Our house gets really cluttered, piled up, and more. It seems hard to have time to clean it. Hardly have time to do homework, music, gymnastics and also clean house. What can I do?


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Jennifer - posted on 12/09/2013




I have this same problem so what I've found that works is to pick up right after the mess was made. If my kids play with something in the living room, I have them clean up right when they're finished. When I think I'll clean up a mess later or tomorrow, that mess seems to stay longe and not get picked up. So clean right away and this helps keep the house neat.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/09/2013




Well, houses generally stay neat by each doing their part. Put it away when you're done with it. Garbage cleared when done. Public areas of house straightened (a 5 minute time frame) as often as necessary...

A lot of clutter is a result of "I'll get to it later" attitudes. If you take 2 minutes to take dishes to sink, or soda cans to recycling, or newspapers to bin...whatever, then you don't have as much "mess" to deal with. If you live in a multi level home, keep a basket by the stairs for each level. If it needs to go downstairs it gets put in the basket, and once (or twice) a day, those baskets are emptied and things put away.

Each kid should also be having their own responsibilities in the home. After all, they help mess it up, right?

So, start small, and work up. Before you know it, your house isn't "cluttered & piled up" because everyone takes a minute to keep it straighter.

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